700 MHz A Block Spectrum

Access Spectrum LLC is the licensee for 700 MHz spectrum rights in twenty-eight (28) MEA licensed market areas. predominately located in the South, Southwest, Midwest, Rocky Mountain and upper New York State market areas.

Access Spectrum is selling or leasing their remaining licenses “parceled” to fit specific geographic regions. In September 2019, Access Spectrum renewed their remaining unsold licenses for 10 years and will continue to comply with the FCC Part 27 rules to renew in perpetuity until the licenses are sold. To date, Access Spectrum has successfully sold over 22 major licensed geographies.

700 MHz A Block Spectrum

Upper 700 MHz A Block Attributes

  • Ideal for interoperable communications
  • Exclusive
  • Competitive price
  • Wide-area coverage
  • Excellent in-building penetration
  • No adjacent channel interference
  • Not a Guard Band
  • Communications with field crews
  • Cyber and physical security

Common Spectrum Applications for Utilities

  • Mobile data (even in outages)
  • Monitoring and controlling devices in remote areas
  • Distributed Energy Application
  • Distribution Automation
  • Advanced metering infrastructure
  • Smart Grid
  • Ideal for Narrow Bandwidth IoT Applications
  • UAV/Drone Command and Control


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