Critical Infrastucture Industry

The Upper 700 MHz A Block offers a unique solution to help meet the Critical Infrastructure Industry’s communications needs. It would provide an exclusive home for CII communications. It is in the 700 MHz band, which offers superior propagation characteristics (building penetration and rural coverage) relative to other bands. The 700 MHz A Block provides adequate bandwidth (one megahertz paired, or two megahertz total) and is governed by flexible service and technical rules which permit a wide range of technologies and applications (voice, SCADA, telemetry, and other data applications). This Band has stimulate economies of scale and common standards that are critical in developing innovative, cost-effective, interoperable communications equipment for the CII and the A Block could be acquired now in a private market transaction from the three licensees that presently hold the spectrum without the need for any FCC allocation or rulemaking proceedings. For more information on the 700 MHz A Block exclusive spectrum for sale for sUAS see the links below or call 240-507-8816 for a Quote on specific geography.